Smart Mobility Trends in the US

Smart mobility allows commuters to organize more efficiently their transportation. Can you think of how many cars are on the road with only one occupied seat? Or how many people take the car to cover a distance of a few miles, which could be easily done using a bike? This resource visualizes the findings of Deloitte University recent report "Smart mobility: Reducing congestion and fostering faster, greener, and cheaper transportation options".

The New York-Newark-Jersey City Metro Area has an off-the-chart potential for integrating forms of smart mobility. Deloitte estimates that, it would reduce annual vehicle miles by over 1.5 billion just through car sharing and bike commuting combined.

Annual Vehicle Miles Reduced by Bike Commuting and Car Sharing

Potential Amount Saved Thanks to Smart Mobility

Note: for the map to make sense, an option must be chosen from the two filters "Type of mobilit" and "Type of Saving"

Details on Smart Mobility Potential in U.S. Metro Areas

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